Sunday, April 24, 2016

No miniatures in this update, but I have had the opportunity to play some games this month. I've posted a game play review of Victory Point Games' Gem Rush on the Boardgame Geek April Solitaire Games On Your Table list here. I also had a chance to play some of Gamelyn Games Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Defenders, but did not get the chance to write up any After Action Reports or reviews.

What I am most excited about is I have expanded the Two Hour Wargames page with my first installment in the All Things Zombie universe. Lock 'N Load Publishing has collaborated with Two Hour Wargames to port the All Things Zombie miniatures game into a miniatures-compatible board game called All Things Zombie: Reloaded I've started a Campaign called "The Trials of Tanya" and have posted my first AAR/walkthrough. It's a long read, but it is a pretty detailed walkthrough of my first ATZ:R game.

I hope you enjoy the reads!

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